New FRC Postec Plus Intro Pack / 10 pcs. + Expanders 3 pcs. View larger

FRC Postec Plus Intro Pack / 10 pcs. + Expanders 3 pcs.

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Transparency - a new type of glass fibers have been used, and a composite matrix composition has been specially developed for FRC Postec Plus; this affects the natural transparency of the sticks,
X-ray contrast - for the first time in the case of glass fibers comparable to metal,
Tissue-saving duct development - unlike metal sticks with glass fiber, they have dentine-like elasticity,
Good retention - thanks to the strength of adhesion we get a connection 3-4 times stronger,
The clinically proven concept - FRC Postec Plus is a development of the FRC Postec idea. These sticks have been on the market for 5 years.

Direct reconstruction in the office of teeth treated endodontically or with badly damaged crown stroma.

It is recommended to cement with Multilink Automix material or with the use of MultiCore Flow material - to rebuild the tooth crown. The undoubted advantage is the ability to easily remove them from the root canal if necessary. The included channel dilators ensure perfect retention of the insert, and additional sealing occurs when cementing with Multilink or MultiCore material.

Available sizes:

0 - tip diameter 0.6 mm
1 - tip diameter 0.8mm
3 - tip diameter 1.0mm
Available packaging: FRC Postec Plus Intro Pack (3 x FRC Postec Plus 0, 5 x FRC Postec Plus 1, 2 x FRC Postec Plus 3, 3 x expanders).

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