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Jodoform / 30g

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Iodoform is a preparation used for root canal treatment.

Indications: Iodoform is included in some dough filler pastes. It has a long-lasting anti-bacterial, slightly anesthetic effect, dries exudate, inhibits bleeding, does not irritate periapical tissues. Sam does not have antiseptic properties, only after contact with the tissue, and especially with serous or purulent secretion, it gradually decomposes giving off free iodine.

Iodoform containing pastes are used, inter alia, to:

  •      treatment of pulpitis in the milk teeth combined with its devitalization;
  •      treating pulp gangrene in milk teeth;
  •      treatment of pulp gangrene in adolescent teeth;
  •      treatment of periapical inflammation in permanent teeth with unformed and formed roots, accompanied by persistent exudation

Available packaging: 30 g.

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