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Terms of the online store

Online Shop available at the Internet address is run by WOJCIECH MACIAŁEK doing business under the name INTEMERATA Wojciech Maciałek (address of the place of business and mailing address: ul. Przemyska 19/2, 37-500 Jarosław) entered in the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity of the Republic of Polish conducted by the minister responsible for economic affairs, NIP 7922226259, REGON 360138449, e-mail:

The order will be executed, provided that the product is in stock. In the event of unavailability of the goods covered by the contract customer is informed about the status of your order and decide on the manner of its implementation (partial completion, waiting time, canceling the whole order).

All prices defaults are given in Polish zloty (currencies, which are also available: Czech korunas, forints, euros and pounds) and include VAT. The price given for each commodity is binding at the time of order. We reserve the right to change prices of goods on offer, introducing new products to offer an online store, carry and cancel promotions on our website or make changes.

Settlement of transactions by credit card and e-transfer is carried out through

We accept the following forms of payment: DotPay transactions or bank transfer.
If you select "DotPay" you pay for purchases in a few minutes from the end of the order.
If you select "Transfer" make your payment on our account number, and after the payment we send your goods.
The total cost of delivery is dependent on the total value of the ordered materials and method of delivery.

Bank transfer details
Transfers should be sent to the following account:
INTEMERATA Wojciech Maciałek
ul. Przemyska 19/2
37-500 Jarosław
Account number: PL 42 1950 0001 2006 7161 0409 0001 (Idea Bank SA, SWIFT: IEEAPLPA)
NIP: 7922226259, REGON: 360138449

If you cancel your order, please contact us as soon as possible, because we are trying to realize the shipment immediately after receiving the order.
To sell promotional intended for a limited number of goods and execution of orders the order in which orders for these goods until the exhaustion of stocks covered by this form of sales.

We reserve the right to cancel the order without giving any reason.
All orders are shipped within 1-3 business days after placing the order, provided that the product is in stock.

Address data:
INTEMERATA Wojciech Maciałek
ul. Przemyska 19/2
37-500 Jarosław

All files, text, pictures or graphics contained on the website are protected by copyright and may not be used without the written consent of the owner. Reproduction, reproduction or modification of the information on the store is prohibited.

INTEMERATA Company is not responsible for making purchases in the store by third parties on behalf of the injured person.
INTEMERATA strives to pictures of goods as much as possible to reflect their actual appearance. In this connection, the display settings, as well as the parameters of individual monitors may differ from each shop is not responsible for possible differences between the actual appearance of the product and the image displayed on the monitor Employer.
Customer may not cancel orders that have already been sent and confirmed.
The competent court for any disputes arising from the contract of sale is the court competent for the defendant.

1. Products ordered online store may be returned in accordance with the Law dated. 2 March 2000. (Dz. U. 2000. Nr 2 poz. 271) within 14 days of its receipt. Goods returned at a later date will not be accepted.
2. Purchased goods can be returned if it is unused, clean, odorless, in the original packaging with tags and other elements that he had at the time of sale. To returned goods must also be accompanied by a copy of the invoice.
3. We do not accept returns of items returned to the store to shop.
4. At the time of the resignation of products purchased must be returned by registered mail to the address of the store. We guarantee the return of an amount equal to the sale price of the goods or exchange goods to another, as previously agreed. The cost of sending the shipment and send it to us paid by the customer.
5. If the complaint of the goods will not be recognized will be returned at the expense of the Client.
The reasons for non-acceptance of the complaint may be: returning the goods after 14 days from the date of delivery, the lack of a receipt or invoice, the lack of the letter of complaint, dirt.

If the complaint is not the product is returned to the buyer shipment cash on delivery (fee pricing by shipping costs). Not receive the shipment by the customer will result in a failure to re-dispatch, unless the customer will cover the costs incurred for sending and return your product to the store. Products will be stored for 14 days after the return of unclaimed package.
1. To your return could be dealt with quickly, please call in advance to determine what the return will be made, and why. Goods must be packed in a padded protective packaging to prevent damage and sent by registered mail to the address of the shop:

INTEMERATA Wojciech Maciałek

ul. Wielicka 57G/6

30-552 Kraków


1. Repayment of the goods on the basis of invoice correction within 7 working days from the date of receipt of the physical return of the store (with complete documentation). The amount invoiced correction should be deducted from the total amount of the invoice, which issued a corrective invoice.
2. In case of positive consideration of the complaint shall exchange the returned product with new or invoice correction on the basis of which the refund for the goods.